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Philippians 4

Two things stand out to me this morning, and the first thought motivates the second.

First at the end of Phil 4:5 Paul says “the Lord is at hand” meaning He is coming at any moment. Having this mindset should drive our every deed and thought. We should be mindful that the Lord is at hand, but so often I forget that and do what I want to do anyway. What if the Lord did return when I was in a moment of disobedience. How would I feel at that moment, yet I brush it off as not very likely. I need to be mindful of His return, that it is imminent.

Second I am reminded in verses Phil 4:8-9 that we are to think on things that are good. I think if I could have these two ideas at the forefront of my mind each day the struggles I have with sin would be easier to manage and fight off. How many times have I done what I knew was wrong because I did not have the Lord’s imminent return in mind and was not thinking on things that were Holy and righteous.

Lord help my thoughts today that they would be pure and upright, pleasing to you. Help me to be reminded continually that your return is coming, that you are coming for your church and I want to be counted worthy when you do return. Help me see You in all that I do.

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Galatians 5:16

As I was reading this passage this morning something struck me that has not struck me before about this reading. Paul is not saying Do not walk in the flesh and you are automagically walking in the Spirit. He very clearly says the opposite, walk in the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh, i.e. walk in the flesh. 5:16

I so often think that because I am not doing bad things I am walking in the Spirit but here I am reminded I need to walk in the Spirit rather than walk not walk in the flash.

Lord help me to walk in the Spirit today. Help me to understand practical ways in which I can do this. Help me to see when I am walking in the flesh or when I am relying on my not walking in the flesh rather than walking in the Spirit.

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