Tonight I am going to start a series of blogs centered around my experiences learning biblical greek.I don’t know how many blog posts this journey will encompass but I have decided I will write shorter posts to spread them out some and to keep from writing one long boring tedious blog post that no one wants to read. :-)

The topics I plan to cover at this point will be my choice of a grammar, and why. Some of my experiences with that grammar so far. I will discuss some of the tools I have used up to now and which I am continuing to use and why.

I will also discuss how bible software has helped me along the way and explain some of the reasons why there are times that I prefer Accordance over BibleReader and visa versa. I apologize for not including Logos in that mix but I started my investment in Accordance over 3 years ago when Logos for the Mac was an additional charge and not as polished as it was on Windows at that time.  I simply don’t have the money to invest into Logos, especially when I have access to all of Olive Tree’s greek resources. So my silence on the Logos front is not because I am biased against it, I simply have no experience with it but I know that Logos does have some very talented and enthusiastic greek geeks on staff like Rick Brannan.

If I seem to be biased towards BibleReader, well I am 😉 because I work for Olive Tree and love every bit of it. That being said I will try to be as balanced and fair as I can be through this journey.

It is my hope that these posts will provide some guidance and insight into self studying biblical greek, and inspire some to take on the journey themselves.

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