BibleReader to Evernote backup

BibleReader to Evernote backup

My life lately has been notes backup and Evernote. Its been fun, and I wanted to give those who are missing out on my fun a little teaser of some of the progress I am making on the notes backup. To see a sample of a note that currently exists in both the iPhone app and the Evernote servers click the image to the left.

Notice that the note contains greek, because Evernote supports unicode we believe we should have no problem preserving greek and hebrew in your notes.

So far I can push actual notes from the iPhone to the Evernote servers. I have most of the backup framework laid out and now I am just plugging in the pieces. The hardest part is going to be in keeping the two in sync, and gracefully dealing with outages either with the the Evernote service or network.

I can say that so far I am very impressed with the Evernote service both in its network communication’s responsiveness and in the elegance of the service as a whole. If you have not checked out Evernote yet, I would say go check it out. (No Evernote did not pay me to say that)

Stay tuned for more as I work through the implementation of this…