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Track One or Track Two

After deciding on Mounce’s BBG as a grammar I was presented with a small decision to make regarding BBG. Actually the choice was not presented to me right away and I did not realize that Bill Mounce takes a different approach to teaching Biblical Greek than most others do. Most grammars start immediately with verbs while Mounce starts with nouns and depending on which track you take he will either stick with nouns and adjectives until he has exhausted the subject or will break into verbs after chapter 9 and then to bounce back and forth between nouns and verbs.

Mounce explains his reasoning for the two tracks. He shares that he prefers track one because in his experience students tend to confuse nouns with verbs and visa versa. Being so new to greek and knowing Bill I decided to take his word for it and stick with track one.

Looking back I still think track one was the right choice but it did have its fair share of struggles. The biggest struggle for me is that nouns are overall kinda boring, and the fun stuff in greek really is in the verbs. By the time I reached chapter 16 I was tired of nouns and couldn’t wait to get into verbs. All of the translation exercises up to that point always had verbs that had to be translated by the author and so I always felt a little like I was cheating. However, I do feel very comfortable with nouns now and I have not had any issues with getting them confused with verbs, so I do believe that track one was the right track for me, but it was a bit of a long haul. 

So if you have settled on Mounce’s BBG as a Grammar for self study greek then be prepared to make the decision between track one or two and if you have no reason to prefer one over the other, then I say trust Bill’s instinct and go for track one.

I am curious if anyone has any additional input here or if anyone has experience with track two and what your experiences were.