In recent months I have been mulling over the idea of writing some apps to sell in the app store. I kept holding off for the perfect app idea until I decided that I was not going to come up with anything anytime soon and settled on an app that I knew I would use myself, an application that stores passwords and other valuable information.

Ever since my first Palm OS 4 device I have stored my passwords on my PDA. Back then it was the open source app Keyring then I moved on to WinMo and purchased Spb Wallet and kept Spb Wallet on the iPhone although I must say Spb Wallet on the iPhone is severely lacking in eye candy and feels more like a WinMo app than an iPhone app. Reluctant to switch to another app that I would then have to import all my passwords into I decided I would only do it if it was an app I wrote, hence the birth of Password Caddy™.

I have been quietly working away on this app both in Photoshop and XCode and have come up with something I think is going to be a hit. It is my goal to have a password application that is as much fun to use as it is useful.

I am about 80% of the way finished and am looking for beta testers to help me work out any wrinkles that may be in my app (I am sure there are going to be many at first). Testers should use it as though it was their only password application but not rely on the app as their only storage location for their passwords since it is after all beta. If you are interested in being a beta tester drop a comment my way and I will be sure to keep you in mind. I plan to open up 20 spots for testers and all active testers will get a promo code for a free download once its released in the app store.

As a side note I should make it clear this is something I am doing on my own time and is in no way affiliated with Olive Tree Bible Software. It is also not something I am doing to replace my job at Olive Tree as I love my job, its the best job I have ever had to date, and I have no desire to run my own business at this time. (I see the stress it puts on our fearless leader Drew) I am just trying to supplement my family’s income some in hopes that we can pay off a credit card and put a down on a house soon.

As another side note I can only take testers from within the US and Canada as Password Caddy uses AES 256 bit encryption which is strong enough that the US Government will not allow me to distribute the app outside of the US and Canada. I am looking into obtaining a license to do so but it will take some time to do that.